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" What started it all ? "

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 :)  Ha!  ;)

No flash, no Fanfare.  I also had a plethora of toys in the 60s.  But it really started when I walked into a Gun Show in Denver Colorado and the local SASS club had an actual Overland Wells Fargo stage coach set up with a table in front and continuous running video.  Not to mention two of the gals were in Saloon Girl costume.  I must admit, the Saloon Girls hooked me right in.

Play Safe Out There

So how many cap gun barrels did ya saw off afore mom took the big carving knife away?


   My Dad had a pine 6-gun cabinet with a storage cabinet underneath. He builtit from magazine plans.  He was always willing to let me handle "The Guns." He was a Connecticut  pheasant hunter (12 ga Remington 11-48) and went to Maine  to deer hunt (300 Savage 99EG) a week every year. He had some guns but was not an enthusiast.
   For my ninth birthday, 1961, my mother gave me the book "Great American Guns and Frontier Fighters" by Will Bryant.  I still read it every year or so. To me, it tied everything together, the history, technolgy, and art of firearms. It's been my main hobby ever since.



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