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I bought an HRA "Original" Henry (so Coffinmaker won't have to)

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Thanks, Silver Creek Slim.  Interestingly, my "Google-Fu" having never yielded any real info on the manufacturing process of these "Original" Henrys, the "Belle Vernon, PA" inscription on the receiver got me somewhere.  Lesleh Precision Inc. of Belle Vernon PA supposedly makes all the parts for the 1860 except the wood.  I'm still researching, but I've found numerous pics of their receivers mid-production, barrel assemblies, and cartridge elevators.  So far, I haven't found any info on MIM, but I'm still looking.  I also found numerous references to "nickel bronze", so that may be the "hardened brass" that HRC touts.

Jake C:
I haven't watched this yet, but I very much need to. I've been lusting over a HRA Iron Frame in .44-40 for some time now, but even my forgiving wife would have a problem with me dropping that much on a rifle. So for now, it's a matter of biding my times and my funds.

OD#3, thank you for taking the time to make the video.

Coal Creek Griff:
OD#3, I appreciated this and your other videos as well.  Thanks for the effort of putting them together.

CC Griff


Cliff Fendley:
Very nice video!

Hey!!  Way Cool. 

Beautiful (I've no clue really) Downtown Belle Vernon PA as about 80 miles up the super slab from where I live in Pennsyltuckey.

Wonder if I visited I could scam enough parts to assemble a rifle?? 



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