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I bought an HRA "Original" Henry (so Coffinmaker won't have to)

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Given time,  The "New" will wear off.  You'll get tired of buffing it.  Something else made out of "Gottahaveieum" will come along and the Henry will get stuffed inna pack of the safe.  Unless ......... I will send you my address.  Before you just "stuff" it inna back of the safe, just send it along to me. 

I will continue to hold it, and squeeze it and call it George (purloined famous cartoon Quote).  Honest.  I will.  Really.  Just try me!!


Classic Coffinmaker! 

Personally I actually prefer the tarnished look on my Winchester 1866 and do hope that the Henry will acquire the same look one day.


Dave T:
All of the original Henrys I've seen in museums or at gun shows/shops were tarnished and not shiny (smile).

Just sayin',


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