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Anyone have a "floating firing pin" Uberti SAA replica?

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Ben Beam:
I have one. Shoots beautifully, never had a problem with it.

Not ME!!

I shoot Cap Guns.  Don't need no stinking Firing Pins   ;D


Capt Quirk:

--- Quote from: Coal Creek Griff on February 02, 2017, 04:00:32 PM ---At least the threat of these firing pins caused my lovely bride to tell me to go immediately to my local gun store and buy a new revolver last year.  I would have a very hard time deciding to buy a revolver that had one of those.,56862.0.html

CC Griff

--- End quote ---
That is bloody GENIUS! Why didn't I think of it?

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--- Quote from: Ben Beam on July 07, 2017, 12:25:05 PM ---I have one. Shoots beautifully, never had a problem with it.

--- End quote ---

I have one also. Did an action job on it, and you wouldn't know that has that improved system if I didn't tell you. Every bit as smooth and light as one of my older guns.  ;)


First.  A CAVEAT:  I don't own one.  I haven't own'd one.  I won't own one.  It isn't that the funky stupid miserable retracting Firing Pin Can't/Doesen't/Won''t work.  It does.  I just don't like Uberti .... Remember???

I have now had the opportunity to fondle a couple of them.  They ran fine.  Took em apart and looked at all the extra parts and found nothing amiss.  I wouldn't want to let em get gummy from unsanitary bathing habits.  Other than a Funky Stupid Miserable retracting firing pin, they be fine.  The retracting firing pin, is in answer to a question none of us ever asked.  STUPID. 


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