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Kirst gated conversions for 51 navy...worth it?

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Dakota Widowmaker:
At $289 a conversion, with no ejector or barrel sleeving, is it worth it?

I have a pair of Pietta 1851 Navy revolvers I am thinking about doing this to...but, thats $600 I could put towards a new pair of 72 opentops.

Comments? Suggestions?

Personally, I would do it just for the "cool" factor.  I noticed last night watching the Good, Bad & Ugly again for the umpteenth time, that is what Clint was using. Kept thinging to myself that I needed one of those.


Big Hext:

If I owned the pistols AND they were 51s, then I would do the conversion.  They look great, they work great and they are the closest to the look of originally converted guns.

I can't quite get past the cost of BP pistols and conversion kits and labor adding up to about three Cimarrons, so I don't have either... but one day..


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Marshal Will Wingam:
I had Kenny at R&D sleeve the barrels on a couple of my pistols to .357. He charged me $60/ea. He did a great job. Well worth the money spent.

Hello:  I just completed installing a .36 Cal. Kirst Gated Conversion Kit to my Pietta 1851 Navy and was pleasantly surprised. The hardest part was grinding out the Loading Port. To coin a phrase " Try it, you will like it". It works great and has an awesome appearance.




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