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Looking for a pair of OT 72s...38spl if possible

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Dakota Widowmaker:
I like shooting 38spl. Its cheap, easy, and fast for me.

I like the looks of the 72 opentops...have for a long time.

I am considering converting a pair of 1851s to 38spl, but, I am more interested in getting a NEW pair of 72.

Who has the best prices and availability? sequentially numbered would be a "bonus" as well.

comments? suggestions? recommendations?

Wymore Wrangler:
Ultona is Joel Rezac, his dad is Phil, but Joel runs the gun part of the business... ;D  And I whole heartly recommend him to purchase your firearms from.. ;D

Dakota Widowmaker:
Got a link for him?

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Wymore Wrangler:
Ultona doesn't have a website, he lists guns on gunbroker.com or you can call him at 402-784-3557...... ;D

Hell-Er High Water:
My FFL dealer checked with Cimarron and they advise that they are expecting in a shipment around the first of the year.  Through my FFL dealer, I have on "Pre-Order" a pair of M-72, Open Tops in 38 Special and they indicated that cosecutive S/N's could be had.  They advised that "Pre-Order" means that when they arrive my FFL dealer will be contacted and I can make a final decision at that time.  The only question in my mind is what barrel length to get.  Any thoughts on this?



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