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Open Tops and Spencers

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Tuolumne Lawman:
Howdy to the camp,

I notice that there are more than a few Spencer Shooting Society members in STORM.   recon' that's because Open tops (and conversions) and Spencers go together like ice cream and apple pie!  Amen brothers!

Amen......can I get a witness.... ;D

SSS #1
Rider of the STORM
Instigator #1

US Scout:
I'm with you!

I love shooting my Spencer in CAS, and I like to pair it with either a brace of conversions or C&B.  Seems to me what CAS ought to be....

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Major 2:
Like peaches and cream  :)

Black River Smith:
One of each.  Hope to get a second OT someday.

Black River Smith


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