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Crow Choker:
One of the most memorable came from an uncle who spent 30 some years in the US Border Patrol (back when they could and were encouraged to enforce US border laws). When I was first going into law enforcement full time he advised me "Always take a leak when you can and the opportunity is there do it, you never know what can happen in 5-10 minutes and you won't be able to!" Good advice, I remember the first time I didn't take the time and got stuck out in a daylight traffic accident with it seemed 500 people standing around watching all the happenings and I HAD NO PLACE to take a leak. Thought I was going to burst!!!! Around 5 minutes before the call I had opportunity to answer mothers natures call and put it off and paid the price.  :( ;D

Admit nothing.  Deny everything.  Demand proof.

Good Troy:

--- Quote ---Don't second guess and certainly don't mouth off about how an officer handled a situation when you weren't even there and aren't in a position to gather the facts your own self.  If you decide to violate this rule just go ahead and insert your foot in your mouth and be done with it. 
--- End quote ---

I guess nobody ever told the media, and public this advice!

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Bat 2919:
"Treat everyone you contact the way you wish to be treated by an Officer when contacted."  "Don't let your guard down, you can always escalate on a moments notice but it's hard to deescalate when you start off as a hard ass."

The new version of this same thought that the current crop of tactical kids respond to would be: "Have two things for everyone you meet, a kind word and a plan to kill them."


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