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What bullet weight to use in a 357Mag casing for lever rifle?

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Black River Smith:
I am thinking of getting a Rossi 357Mag '92 rifle to go with the Uberti 357 SAA I have had for years.  I have only used 38 Spec in the SAA since I got it.  I recently came across a quantity of 357Mag brass.  So now I want to start loading lighter 357 casings to use in both the handgun and rifle for functional reasons.

The thing is, I only have the Lyman 358311 RN 158 grain; the Lyman 358426 RN 147 grain; and the Lee 358-150 RN 150 grain bullet mold's for 38's.  NO FN bullet molds at all.

So the question is ::: what is the most common FN weight bullet used by CAS shooters in the 357 rifles?  And maybe ::: who's design Lyman or Lee? (Lee has both a 125 grain and a 158 grain, don't know the Lyman options and Accurate's are too expansive for just casual usage.)

PS:  I did do a search of the data and did not find a lot of topics or post about the specifics.  Yes, one or two stating 125 gr for less recoil.

Thanks for any comments.


Johnson Barr:
At CAS ranges the 125 RNFP works great and with lighter powder charges shoots flatter. As if needing to shoot flatter at 30-50 yard rifle targets makes much difference at all. I had my Rossi out yesterday and it has always favored .357 brass length over .38 Special; the Specials tend to hop on the carrier; sometimes stove piping or even flipping end to end. Not a good thing. Even with Steve's action slick-up it hates .38 spl brass. Now if I could only learn not to touch the trigger until on target I would have a much more harmonious outcome.   

I have the LEE mould for making .358-158 grain RNFP. The flat points SEEM to be a bit more accurate than the round nose but the jury is still out. I've also got a 125 grain RNFP mould. I really need to play with that one a bit more.


 :)  BR Smith  ;)

Some Lustrum ago or so, whence I was still in to pursuit of the Brass Ring, the "Hot" "Go-To" bullets for .38/357 were the 105Gr Truncated Cone "Snakebite" and the 125Gr Truncated Cone "no Name."   Both very popular (and still are) for both cartridges.  The KEY running anything in the '92 is correct adjustment/positioning of the right side cartridge guide.

To keep the cartridge on the carrier and feeding correctly, the right side guide needs shimmed to to just "kiss" the side of the cartridge case.  This keeps the case from flipping up and out or Stovepiping.  With the guide properly shimmed, the '92 will run and feed most anything you chose to feed it.

People Are Still Hazardous to Yer Health!!

Well, I'm on my second Rossi 92. The current one has proven to be unfussy when running .38 cases with 130 grain bullets. However, the first hated any 38 Special under 140 grain bullets. Either ran 357 brass without problem. Traditionally fixed sight revolvers were regulated for 158 grain bullets at 800-850 fps.



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