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Indian head penny front sight?

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I read somewhere a long time back that it was a common practice to replace the front sight on colt revolvers with half an indian head penny.

Anyone else know if or heard of this?
I have a badly damaged IH penny that would not be any real sacrifice to use for the purpose, (about a quarter of it is missing).

But I wondered if anyone else had heard of this before I start shaping the penny and prepping my pietta 1860 to solder the sight on.



I've not heard of it until now, but I LIKE the idea.

St. George:
More guys in C&WAS have done this than in the Old West - they even use silver dimes.

For these guys, the date 'has to show, 'cuz that's how they did it 'back then' - except they didn't.

Any gunsmith of the era could make one and it'd look stock.


Scouts Out!

45 Dragoon:
I used an 1860 penny on a customer's Army early on and that's the only  sight I've done to date!!  Turned out great but I don't need " it's  too tall, it's too short, it's not straight  .  .  .   That's for somebody else to do  .  .  .



 :)  Oh Yea!!  ;)

A BIG PLUS ONE for Da Dragoon you betcha!!!



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