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Winchester Model 1901 Lever Action 10g Shotgun

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Rube Burrows:
I recently aquired a pretty decent looking Winchester Model 1901 in 10 gauge. The only downfall to the gun was a very ugly rubber recoil pad that was installed many years ago. It was basically falling apart so I took it off.

I thought I might just find an original metal buttplate and put on it but upon further inspection I realized that the orginal buttstock has been cut. I took the buttplate off my original 1887 and it did not fit. The original plate is too big.

So, with that out of the question I would like some suggestions on what would be the best option for keeping this shotgun at least looking mostly original?

What route should I go as far as a vintage style recoil pad or buttplate?

Thank you in advance for any direction.

If you do a Google search on "Winchester reproduction butt pads" -- or similar search terms -- you'll get many companies that can supply vintage style pads.   One such company is:   You may not find the exact pad that is on your shotgun, but I'll bet you'll find something that works and looks appropriate.   Hope this helps.

 :)  Well Heck Rube  ;)

Most any Second Hand (used) or New Reproduction is going to be too large.  Since the stock was cut for a Recoil Pad, I'd suggest sticking with one.  You gotz a Belt sander??  Disc Sander perhaps??  My suggestion would be a Pachmayr Black Base grind to fit recoil pad.  Would look good, feel good, and from 6 feet may even look sort of period (who cares).  Suggest you fill any existing screw holes from the previous hack job first.

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Had the same problem.  Went online and found a flat steel Winchester buttplate, with the appropriate screw spacing, screwed it on, traced around it then ground on it until it fit.  If the holes are gone/filled it's even easier.

I think this is the one I used, or one like it.

Or search "Metal buttplate" on ebay, lots of stuff you can make work.  Wood putty, a grinder and a drill.



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