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The annual Miami Vice match returned to the Green Mountain Regulators last weekend.  Due to Pandemic it has not been held for a few years.  This has always been a blast.  You are supposed to (loosely) emulate a character from the TV show and shoot those types of guns and wear those clothes.  Basically, any modern guns can be used but must use lead ammo within CAS velocity limits.  Semi-autos and pump shotguns use Wild Bunch procedures.  The Miami Vice shooters are mixed in with the regular CAS shooters.  This year we missed having Bronco Birnbaum shooting as he was one of the originators and would shoot a Python and an M1 carbine, but he was having problems with A-Fib and did not come. 

In past years I've used a Buckmark .22 pistol with red-dot scope for the rifle targets, but it is currently out of commission so I just used a '73.  My arsenal of pistols is shown in the next post below.  The King Cobra was the workhorse this year, shooting all 6 stages.  It was paired up for two stages each with the Python, Diamondback (.22), and 1911.   These revolvers only get shot once a year lately, at this match.  I plan to replace the Leupold scope on my Anaconda with the iron sights so I can use it next year.  Lots of fun.  This video is a "short" and CasCity doesn't seem to want to embed shorts, so you have to click the link:

Here's the guns:

Baltimore Ed:
Sounds like a lot of fun. Kinda like what we do with adding a 2 inch snubnose revolver to whatever pistols you’re shooting. I go gangster and shoot a 1911 and big revolver along with my cut down Marlin pump. Wearing pinstripes and fedora of course. Might try to drum up some interest in a Zoot shoot next time and bring my Thompson.
‘Top of the world ma, top of the world.’

One of the guys, Circuit Judge, always brings out his Thompson to Miami Vice.  I tried to get a video of him but his Thompson jammed after the first round and he had to set it down, so I just stopped videoing.  I carried the jammed gun to the unloading table, and I guess that's the first time I ever held one of them because I was surprised how dang heavy it was!

Baltimore Ed:
They are heavy. Mines a hair lighter as it’s been sbr’ed.



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