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Pocket Revolver, rimfire to centerfire

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Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
Howdy Story,

Sorry. I didn't scroll enough before I added my unsolicited advise. I still stand by my original thoughts. I have a bizarre Belgian rimfire converted pocket revolver that has no caliber or ammo markings. It needed a spring which I tried to fashion with limited success. It now sits in my safe doing nothing. Unfortunate, but lack of ammo, in your case, may not be a problem.

Rev. Chase

Just noodling, but since a .32 is @ 8mm so the firing pin/hole would need to be shifted 4mm (half the diameter) to hit centerfire primers.

Given the current shape of the firing pin, I'd say the revolver served in many Cowboys & Indians fights.

Those slots between cylinders act as safeties, for the firing pin to lock the cylinder in place. Also, it fires from what I consider the half-cock.

Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
Howdy Story,

With the trigger/half cock issue, that may make the conversion even more problematic (costly). In addition, the cylinder walls look awfully thin. All that being said, first I'd see what .32 ammo will chamber. Regarding firing pin hole, take a deprimed case and drill out the cavity to just allow a long punch to be centered, then use the chambered shell and punch to mark the breech face. That's where your hole needs to be. Maybe even a slim, fine point marker could also be used.

Them's my thoughts,

Rev. Chase


Have you considered Dixie gun works rimfire adapter cartridges?

They make them in a bunch of calibers, and they work by thumb pressing a round ball of appropriate diameter into the case mouth using around 5 grains of black powder.
There is a cutout in the rim for a .22 blank shell to light it off.
You just have to make sure you load the cartridge lined up with the blank under the hammer is all.

They listed these in their catalogs for decades, so I am decently sure they still carry them.



Looking at the overall condition and especially the cylinder, I wouldn’t recommend converting it to anything other than wall hanger or paperweight.

Be Safe Out There


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