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Starr Carbine

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Books OToole:
If I remember correctly; one or more companies of the 11th Kansas were armed with Stars.
(Co. I had Smith carbines.)


Rimfire Stars were issued out of the Winchester VA depot to the 12th Penn cavalry just before Appomatax.  Rimfire Stars were also issued to the 2nd US cavalry in late 1865, 436 rimfire Stars were rostered with the 2nd in june of 1866.  These were turned in for Spencers in September 1866.  No other issuance can be confirmed.   Almost all rimfire Stars were sold suplus in fall of 1868.  The last recording of rimfire Stars in inventory was 163 carbines in storage at the Cheyenne Ordnance Depot in September 1870.

Field reports from the 12 Penn and 2nd US were generally favorable, but the decision had been made to standardize on the Spencer and converted Sharps Carbines.

"Carbines of the US Cavalry, 1861-1905"  John D. McAulay.    An excellent book.  Much more detail than I can give here.


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