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Hi ya'll i'm a new user not an action shooter however i have a few 45's that i shoot for fun and hunt with. I as you can see have a Marlin colt 45 rifle. I love however parts are hard to find. so have not shot it in awhile. hope to run across some members here and chat. About the sport. And colt 45's thanks   DAVID

Tuolumne Lawman:
Welcome to th board!  Numrich/Gunparts corp and Ebay.  LOTS of marlin parts...

Baltimore Ed:
Welcome to cas city, you cant go wrong with a .45. Easy cartridge to reload. Marlins are good guns with a few exceptions. Ubertis and Rugers make fine revolvers. The only Marlin parts I’ve ever broken were a couple one piece aftermarket firing pins and a lifter, before I did the jbweld repair, don’t remember having an extractor or ejector break. Never broken anything on my .45 Rugers. Ubertis are another story and some are fine and others need work to become cas guns. As occasional plinkers they are usually ok.

thanks for the welcome guys i hope to come in often. I have read a few of the post seem like good people in here. I do have an uberti colt 45 hand gun i shoot allot I love it. I do need some parts i have to much head space in my rifle i was told by the gunsmith i need an over sized block?? to remedy it.  are theere any regular days that some of ya'll meet in here to talk  David

Hi dropped in to see what was going on seems a bit quiet lawman would love to here a bit about how the competitions work i have watched a few videos online looks pretty fun



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