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Need a Heavier Hammer spring for my New Vaquero

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Not totally on topic, but you might change to a Brownells round hammer strut.  I've got them in both my Ruger SA's, and I couldn't believe how much smoother they were than even a smoothed up factory strut.  I've never had any problem with light primer strikes, either.

Doc Holloman:
Well, with the numerous possibilities that have been suggested, both here and on other sites, I’ve realized that I am probably in over my head. I admit I’m not much of a revolver guy (give me a 1911 or a Garand and I can deal with most issues.)   The trouble that the guy from my club (who IS a revolver guy) had reassembling my NV with the new hammer has made me leery of trying to do any more myself than replacing the spring.  So I will try shimming the old spring with washers (assuming I can find some that fit on the strut and under the grips) and if that doesn’t work, I need to send it off to someone who knows what he is doing.
Who do you recommend?  I see a lot of lists of Ruger pistol smiths online, but most of those are 5-10 years old, and I have already run across a few instances of gunsmiths who are getting out of the business or who are not taking new work.  As I think I mentioned, I don’t want o send it off to Ruger as they will probably put the factory spec high hammer back in.

King Medallion:
If I read correctly, your spring has been cut too short? If thats so, why not simply buy a Wolf reduced weight spring? I have them on all my Blackhawks and have never ever had an issue. Just a thought.


Doc Holloman:
Spring does not look it was cut.  I shimmed it with a washer and have it reassembled.   Will have to wait until Tuesday afternoon before I can test fire it (local range is closed on Sunday and Monday. )  Will try with factory ammo.  I checked my ammo locker and I have Federal, CCI and Winchester .38 special ammo so I can try it with all 3 brands of primers.

If that doesn't work, then I may send it off to Cody at the Cowboy shop.

Doc Holloman:
Just to follow up.  Took it to the range with 3 boxes of ammo -- one each of Federal, CCI and Winchester.  Performance was no different between ammo brands. 

Gun misfired on one chamber -- the  same chamber each time (I numbered them of the cylinder face).  Not a hint of a mark on the primers.  Moved the misfired rounds tro other chambers and they fired every time.


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