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Change front sight on Colt 1860 Army


I'm looking for a Gunsmith to change the front sight on my Colt 1860 Army. The one it has is so low, 1/10th of an in off the barrel, as to not only be invisible but to put its point of aim somewhere near the orbit of Mars.

I have another brass front sight from a Uberti 1872 Open Top that is about the same profile but is about twice as tall, about 0.20 off the barrel. The problem is, I can't get anyone to install it. I have watched the videos about doing it yourself and that is not for me. I'd rather pay someone than take the chance.

Had the same problem with a 51 navy,, used a dremel to lower the ears on the hammer,,also made the rear sight picture square,,and filed the sides of the cone front sight giving me a sighr picture of a square post and square notch rear sight,,It took a bit of time of shooting and tweaking the sight to get it to shoot to point of aim,,But now it has taken the place of my S&w model 17 for my small game handgun.

You can have a dovetail sight installed, many originals seem to have this alteration.


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