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Irritating the posse with smoke

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It was really low humidity yesterday morning, which is unusual for here, so it kept the BP smoke from being as thick as I would have liked, but the breeze blew what there was back to the TO and spotters making them hack.  I like that.  :)  .38 APP in rifle, BP in shotgun and pistols .38 and .44 Russian.

Dave T:
Good for you.  One of the reasons I gave up CAS back in the mid '90s was the complaints got worse and worse about my full power black powder loads.  Glad to see someone is reminding the bystanders a little of what a real gunfight would have looked and smelled like.


Yep! That black powder smoke does get to be a bit thick at times. Settles into my whiskers and onto my clothes so it comes home with me. Love every minute of it.

Russ T Chambers:
This is what I received as my bonafides for my Warthog Membership:


Now if I got it straight, you's a Soot Lord. And ya shoot nothing but 45's.
And ya drive the RO's to their knees with a coughing fit to boot.
Hell'z Bells Russ, Ole Sam'l Colt himself is smiling up there for your beholding to the Tradition of the ole West, shooting them Big Boolits pushed by the Holy Black. Yes're Pard, definately a WartHog!
It's my honor to chisel the name Russ T Chambers on the WartHog Honor Roll at WartHogs …the gathering spot for all stout shooters
Now kindly chisel WartHog on your signature in big bold letters for all the Cowpokes of the World to view
Regards and Welcome Fellow WartHog
John Boy

WartHog ...
Brevet 1st Lt, Scout Company, Department of the Atlantic

Well since I shoot .38's as well as 44's and 45's I never identified as a warthog, but I do enjoy watching them.  I always have everything ready to go the night before a match, and there have been times when I checked the weather in the morning and it is quite windy, so I pull out the smokeless ammo and take that.  No sense wasting all that smoke.  :)



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