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pony express:
My how the time flies, Fritz! So, "Ash Boomstick" is in the Marines, now!

1stSgt Fritz King:
He’s almost done Pony! He gets out in October.

When I first got on CASCity quite a few years ago I read all of the stories and posts. The stories were the most interesting and I wondered what happened to the folks doing the writing.Good to hear from you. 4T Rod is now living in Prescott, AZ. I have corresponded with him but have not managed to meet him yet.
PS It took months to read all of the stories and posts as I started form the oldest and worked my way forward. I was not engaged in Cowboy shooting then but have been for quiute a while now.


1stSgt Fritz King:
I’m glad you enjoyed our tales. I may have a few more left. If my friends show up...

1stSgt Fritz King:
What she looks like.


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