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1stSgt Fritz King:
Hello the fire!

I used to spend a lot of time here about ten years ago.  My life took a turn and I was away for awhile.  I thought I'd stop in and say hello to some old friends, if they were still around (Hi Pony!!!).

I was a Civil War Reenactor in California, and a Cowboy Action Shooter in Missouri.  I moved back east in 2012, and life caught up with me.  I had a daughter in college and a son in high school.  That was then.  Now my daughter is graduated, married and has a career, and my son is finishing his fourth and final year in the Corps. 

I used to ride the river with the Petticoat Posse.  They were writing on another web page, and moved here.  I had many adventures with the posse, some of which are still posted here.  I wrote my story, "The Last Patrol" with the posse, which dealt with the Battle of the Rosebud, and Fritz's retirement.  As I had recently retired from the Marine Corps, it was a fitting story.

I made friends with Patches McDuff, Bill McDowall, Marshal "Tensleep" Ross, Dr. "Ellegant" Ella Coatsworth, Rose and Johnny Longknife, Bo and Travis Corbin, and of course, "The Scarlet Angel" herself, Scarlet Angelina Corbin, or King if you prefer.  They became my surrogate family.  I miss them.

The movie "Young Guns" came out in 1988.  I'd only been in the Corps for about six months at that point, and decided Cowboy Action Shooting was the thing for me.  32 years later, I thought it was time for "Old Guns."

I like to restore and fix old things, especially firearms.  I and my retired gunsmith, Chris LaMarche ( a real Navy Gunner's Mate), get together on weekends and fix old military arms.  He is another close friend.

I grew up not far from the Springfield Armory Museum, and spent many days there admiring their collection.  If you're ever in Western Mass, please check them out.  As a child I decided I wanted one of every long arm made there.  I'm not quite there yet!  For a number of years, I've wanted an 1861 or '63 Springfield Rifled Musket, but good ones are out of my price range.  I've kept my eyes open for one that was modified to carbine configuration, to make another "what if" gun, in the pattern of the Officer's Model Trapdoor.  I found one on Gunbroker during the pandemic, and this was the genesis of my story.

I, like the First Sergeant, am beginning to feel my age.  Seeing my son walk the same parade deck at Parris Island that I crossed 30 years before made me very proud, but also a bit sad.  So I felt that Fritz should find another old war horse like himself, and get it back into as close to original condition as possible.  As I wrote with Scarlet a lot, I felt I could write her part favorably.  I hope I did a good job!  I used all the things we built from previous stories, and advanced about 20 years from "TLP."  Span Am would be starting soon, and Cpl King might be involved in the fighting.  Those are the whispers of war that Fritz and Scarlet feel.   If there are any members of the old posse out there, I hope I did you justice.  I loved riding the range with you, and would do it all again.  I may add to this story, or close it out as it is.  Either way, I hope you enjoyed it.

Fritz King
GySgt/USMC (Ret.)
1stSgt Fritz King
ICo, 2nd Cav.

Fingers McGee:
Good to see you back Fritz.  A lot has happened since you faded off.  Charlotte & I moved to Lake of the Ozarks in 2013; but the biggest being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in Aug 2018.  It has all but stopped my shooting and traveling.  COWS is still in existence - barely.  Lost Camp is still the Judge.  I gave up the rangemaster job a few years ago. Todd Anderson is doing that job now.  We've lost many members.  Monthly matches we're lucky to have one posse of 12 for the match.

You take care & come visit sometime.


I missed a bit of your writing, joining fairly recently. I've read saddlebags for a good bit when I did, and just as I was caught up it seemed to go quiet. I am interested in cowboy shooting, looking at a local NCOWS outfit and only having the pistols I am way behind and broke. Medically retired paramedic.

These writings have kept me in good spirits! Congrats on retirement. Were you 3-5 by any chance? I have a close friend pull 5 yr stint as 03xx to get his citizenship. He has since ETSed and taking advantage of GI Bill.


1stSgt Fritz King:
Mornin' Fingers!
Good to hear from you amigo!  I'm sorry to hear about the Parkinson's.  My Uncle has it and from what I've seen of him, I wouldn't wish it on anyone.  What made you move to LOTO?  I remember going up there every year to the Marine Corps Ball.  If you are in touch with the old gang, tell Lost Camp and Shady Lady I said HI!  I miss all y'all...

We may have posted some of our tales on the SASS website, but CAS City was easier to post on.  I don't recall where the Petticoat Posse started out.  Do a web search and you might find the other tales.

I was MP/CID/NCIS during my 20.  My son is a Machine Gunner with Alpha Company 1/6.  He's finishing his tour in Okinawa right now.  I recommend you find a club and go to a match.  Most shooters will be happy to help you get started.  They'll lend you guns and gear to get you started.  COWS did for me.

Thanks 1stSGT!  :)


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