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Checkered Pistol Grips?

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Silver Creek Slim:
The problem I found at the Valentine's Day shoot, in 20 degree weather with smooth grips and cold dry hands, the pistol might roll back too much and land on the ground.  :o Yes, match DQ.  :'(


Doc Shapiro:
Yikes!  Good reason for checkered grips.


Silver Creek Slim:

--- Quote from: Doc Shapiro on March 03, 2004, 04:02:13 PM ---Yikes!  Good reason for checkered grips.


--- End quote ---
That's what I was thinking.  BTW, it was a 7 1/2" 1875 Remington. I have stripped the vanish and am now hand-rubbing with Linseed Oil. I will try this before I checker them.



Will Ketchum:
Some are checkerd some aren't.  My Vaqueros have Colt style hard rubber type grips that are checkered.  I like them better than smooth grips.  My new model Smiths have one of each.  One has grips that are worn smooth.  I would like to find some replacements.

My Colt clones have smooth grips and I don't like them as well.

I have always shot Duelist and the only problem I ever had was with some Stag grips that got slippery when it was raining.  These are the grips I replace with the Colt style on the Vaqueros.

Will Ketchum

Foothills Drifter:
I have used both types of grips, the smooth ones just feel better.

Good shootin......
Vern... 8)


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