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Checkered Pistol Grips?

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Baltimore Ed:
I shoot duelist and replaced the smooth rosewood Ruger grips with checkered horn on my vaqueros. I put patterned micartas on my Ruger birdsheads. I like checkered walnut on my colt and smith double actions and 1911s. I shoot them duelist too. Here's 2 nice uns.


Winter project.  I just finished the second grip this afternoon on a pair of Mary's Uberti Cattleman revolvers.   I started with semi-inlaid grips from Taylor's. 

Lucky R. K.:
All of my cap guns except for my Old Armies have checkered grips. Here is a picture of a few of them.  I have been checkering BPCR rifles and muzzleloaders for years so I tried it with the pistols. It makes a world of difference in holding onto them.




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