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Piedra Kidd:
Lots of data on this site.

Dakota Dan from OZ:

--- Quote from: Piedra Kidd on August 04, 2006, 07:58:56 PM ---Lots of data on this site.

--- End quote ---

Thats a good site, got loads using Australian ADI Powders  ;D


For those of you that cast your own:  Check out The Cast Bullet Association and the Los Angeles Silhouette Club page on casting data and formulas.  Lots of links and additional data on molds, techniques, etc.

EDIT:  Well, if it didn't work before, :o it does now... 8) thanks to whoever fixed it!  ;D


Skullyville Tom: has a tremendous amount of information available, their reloading forum is a great resource for reloading information in general and also specific information about Dillon reloading equipment.

For those not familiar with Brian Enos, he is a previous Practical Pistol Champion.

Griff's link to the Cast Bullet Association is a off. 

It should be:

Thanks for the links!


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