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For those who can not run their own reloading operation, there is a reloading service
run by SASS members for SASS members: Gunfire Arms & Ammunition. Box of 50
.38 Special for $11.00. These pards also do volume orders of 500. Low prices for
.45 LC reloads. They give priority to reload orders from SASS shooters. Send your
used brass to them and the cost is even less.  Best price for a commerical reload
service, that I have found. Check them out:

Shenandoah Red
SASS # 90445

Here is a handy site that settles a lot of arguments with my wife. I just have to show her how much I'm saving by buying all that reloading stuff.

Here's one from Hodgdon that's no longer on thier web site. Cowboy Action Data starts on page 30. Good Luck :)
Hodgdon Basic Reloading Manual PDF

Jefro :D Realx-Enjoy


I came across an Access Database program that is undateable allowing you to save your favorite loads as well as those pre loaded. The guy that created used a lot of powder makers information in the initial data as well. It also prints targets for you and manuals as well as a gun database to keep track of your weapons. I got it from Now the main program is named RRv93x74r.exe (82.4 MB), from there you will need a download and install of the targets and several for the manuals. It also has some built in calculators for reloading costs, trajectory etc.


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