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S&W 10-5


Major 2:
Older LEO's may appreciate this.... acquired a S&W Mod. 10-5 today, pretty good shape...

It was given to my nephew ( wife sister's boy )  He has wee one and didn't want it so he gave it to my BIL ...he in turned has passed it on to me  :)
Nice, though has holster wear and was stored for some time in a in the waist band leather ... so it has some freckling
I disassembled it tonight, for though cleaning and it's soaking now in EEZOX®

Bore & Cylinder are excellent, tight and will be good shooter  SS# date's it to 1969-70

I'll post a photo when it's presentable

Sounds like a great candidate for a PPC gun.

Major 2:
I don't shoot that discipline, but your probably right , 10's seem to be the gun of choice 

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Coal Creek Griff:
That was actually my very first issued gun, although I didn't carry it for long--our department was transitioning to Glock 17s at that time.  I passed up on the chance to buy it when they retired it, but I didn't have the funds at the time: maybe $75-$100.

CC Griff

Major 2:
No rare beauty , just a good old honest wear service gun ... the holster came with it ( and need cleaning )
I use Ballistol on both the holster & grips ( which were dark )
EEZOX & a Frontier pad on the gun to clear the rust freckles....

nothing really to do for the worn blue  :(


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