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Tuolumne Lawman:
When I was a FTO (Field Training Officer):  Told young recruits the analogy of the bulls:  Two bulls are up on a hill, a young bull and an old bull.  Looking down at the heard of cows below, the young bull says "lets RUN down there and grab us one."  The old bull says, "No, why don't we WALK down, and get them all!"

Michael Bear:
When you shoot, shoot. Don't talk.-by Taco of course


"shoot until it's dead"-actual words from my supervisor; it was connected to law suit against officers

You can tell a perp he is "acting like an A@@WHOLE"  just don't call them an A@@WHOLE.


Crow Choker:
Had a lowlife' make some threats once after bustin' him for possession of illegal smoking material. One of them 'teetered' on the fact that he had access to firearms. I asked him if he was threatening me, he just sat there with the same stupid look he had 24/7. I advised him, "You'd better make your first shot count because you won't get another!" Must have taken it into account, heard some time later he told some of his compatriots that I wasn't anyone to mess with.  ;D ;D ;D ;D

When making a traffic stop, always roll your window down 1/3 of the way. Then when you lock yourself outta your car, you can get back in without looking like a dipshit.


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