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Frank A Miller Jr. Killed in the line of duty 17 years ago today

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John Barleycorn:
19 years today. I think of you often brother.

Don Nix:
1984 was a bad year,we lost a lot of officers statewide and our dept lost one officer ,Charlie Barnes and two of the State  Officers we worked with  were killed. All within weeks of each other. Barnes was killed on a traffic stop . When he did not check in after the stop the dispatcher called out all hands. I was the CID investigator of call and I and the patrol Sgt. found him lying in a ditch .He had been executed with a 30-30 to the back of the head.The SOB that did it was killed in a gun battle later on in the night. He had Charlies gun in his hand.The hardest night of my life was to work that crime scene while others chased down the suspects.
Later on Trooper Louis Bryant was killed on a traffic stop by a survivalist. On the day of his funeral four officers from Dequeen Ar were travelling to the funeral when they were hit head on by a truck ,killing all four.Then Trp. Robbie Kline was shot from ambush while attempting to execute a warrant. All good friends and good men. Its hard to relive those days but they never go away.by the time the year was over 14 officers state wide had been killed.
You young officers need stay sharp,take every call as if it could go south on you and have a plan in your head. I used to call kit "what if-ing" Always be thinking  what if this happened and what if that happened. It can save your life.
And for God sakes get off those damned cell phones. I have noticed lately  many patrolmen riding around with a cell phone stuck in their ear and the good time radio turned up. Absolutely unaware of their surroundings. Its a good thing I wasnt a bad guy because they would have never seen me coming.
Be careful out there!

Shotgun Franklin:
Cellphones should only be used for work while at work. I've tried to flagged down an Officer from the curb and they'd drive right beside me talk on the phone and never see me.


John Barleycorn:
20 years. Where has the time gone?

John Barleycorn:
21 years gone by


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