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Any BOLD members also FBI-NAA?

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Bad Blueridge Bob:
Right now I am living about 12 miles from the front door, so I get by often.

I have to ask, between Madison and Monroe Dorms there once lived a Groundhog or two, one of them the obvious male ended up being captured, and was spray painted red, before being released. When you were there you didn't happen to see a red groundhog did ya?

Tim Burrattler:
Ha...no, but being from Oklahoma, for the longest time I thought they were prehistoric prairie dogs or giant gophers. I'm pretty sure one of my classmates from Louisiana trapped one and ate it...not tham I'm opposed to it, just not my meat of choice. And having herds of deer just standing there while I ran through the trails just was almost more than I could handle

Tim Burrattler:

This was on "Texas Nite" I'm the one on the right. The other guy was Mohammed from...I don't remember any more...too much time in the Boardroom

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Utah Bob:
If you would like, I could put a guest book sign in sheet for NA grads on the BOLD website.

Bad Blueridge Bob:
I think that would be a capitol idea Utah Bob, if it wouldn't be to much trouble.


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