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Any BOLD members also FBI-NAA?

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Utah Bob:
It's a done deal Pard. I stole yore Virginia Venison pic. ;D http://www.boldlawdawgs.com/FBI.html

Tim Burrattler:
Just Capital !!!! I like it

Yul Catchum:
The One Forty Oneth myself .


Well, how about the T-Men? I am TLETS (1974) before FLETC, which I also went to for many training courses for the next 28 years. Before FLETC, we also used the Secret Service training facilities at Beltsville, Maryland. 

Alabama Red:
Howdy Pards, gotta add my name to the list!!

I just stumbled onto this here new territory and got to exploring and found the Bold section and then the FBI/NAA one.

Got to say hello to a couple of old Pards, Bad Blueridge Bob and Utah Bob.  Been a while since we had one together.

BBB, what are you up to these days??  I have been doing my best to just get old and fat and have fun doing it!!!

Ya'all take care,



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