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Any BOLD members also FBI-NAA?

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Tim Burrattler:
Just wondering if any BOLD members went to Quantico? 213 myself

Bad Blueridge Bob:
FBI/NA 179th

Dec 16th 1994


Tim Burrattler:
Howdy Bob. Looks like we're a small "sub-group", haha.

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Bad Blueridge Bob:
Howdy Tim,

Well maybe the rest of the fellows just haven't seen it yet, they might be caught up on the Yellow Brick Road some where.

Tim Burrattler:
Ha, it's only been four years since I went, so those memories are still strong. I get to go to the National Conference in Phoenix this summer. Went to Kansas City the year before last, it was hoot. More fun than the IACP conferences


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