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Lee Melone:
Just finished building my guncart this weekend.  Thought you might get a kick out of it.

Yeah, she's a little heavy.  I always seem to overbuild things.  Tilted back in "travelin' position" I can see over it ok.  Room for 5 guns inside the rack, but wouldn't you know the old 97 I just bought is a long barrel and won't fit in the rack!

Haven't done the decorating yet, but was thinking of a Farmers Almanac instead of Sears & Sawbuck.  Oh, and it still needs a vent.

3 legged folding camp seat fits nicely inside.

Marshal Halloway:

Photo credit:

Silver Creek Slim:
I built it myself. It is a modification of one that Rolan Kraps designed.


Marshal Will Wingam:
I made mine from a Toys-R-Us wagon. It works fine, but I'd like some bigger diameter wheels on it for rough ground.

Mason Stillwell:
Well here is a photo of my latest Cart.

It is a Cactus Cris Special. Cap and Ball Special that is, and I FLAT LOVE IT


P.S. Cactus has made 2 of my carts and they are first rate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D



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