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The Barracks / Re: Thanks to Drydock for coming to Indiana
« Last post by Pitspitr on Today at 06:10:55 AM »
Didn't even have to say "no" much!
Awe now what's the fun in that? ;)
Someone please be sure to post the AAR
Tall Tales / Re: April showers and fresh coffee
« Last post by Major 2 on Today at 06:06:31 AM »
Good morning, coffee is on, no breakfast plan as yet  :-\  Raining Cats & dogs - 70% all day is forecasted 

 Today marks my 73rd year April 19, 1948 , It too was a  Monday... :)


CAS City Classifieds / Re: 44 Cal Bullet Molds by Accurate Molds
« Last post by reloader4410 on Today at 06:00:36 AM »
i will take both  pm me for info
The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Re: I BROKE MY PRESS!!
« Last post by JoanPiper on Today at 05:56:45 AM »
How did this happen)) Someone writes you are a man of many talents, apparently so it is  ;D ;D
What about 357 factory ammo with CIP standard, is it safe to fire those in a Miroku 1873? I've noticed that both Fiocchi and S&B 158 grains do have slightly higher listed muzzle velocity compared to remington and winchesters factory loads.
CAS City Classifieds / Re: Books For Sale
« Last post by Oldgold on Today at 04:10:44 AM »
I’ll take all 3 if still available.
The American Plainsmen Society / Re: My New Hunting Bag from T.C. Albert
« Last post by Tsalagidave on Yesterday at 11:22:52 PM »
That bag is a Jim Dandy and made by a guy who knows. Nice kit.

Email sent for pics.

The Barracks / Re: Thanks to Drydock for coming to Indiana
« Last post by ira scott on Yesterday at 09:34:21 PM »

(Also, someone mentioned I looked just like my picture. <-- Is that good?)

With all due respect Sir,  it would depend upon which picture they were referring to!

B.N. Scotty
The Barracks / Turned the corner!
« Last post by Dusty Tagalon on Yesterday at 09:15:33 PM »
Last weekend, purchased a table at Traders Jubilee in McGregor IA, on arrival, sign posted “No Mask Mandate, up to you”. Brought repos, C&R & my lesser antiques.
Sales, $4800, purchases/expenses $800.
One day of my purchases came Sunday AM, a Shoulder Holster, no price on it, asked how much? Reply, make an offer, said $60 she accepted. A couple hours later, a local business owner saw me wearing it & frowned, on that frown, I gave the vendor another $20 & the story.
After arriving home Sunday evening & unloading, I looked up the stamp “Bar 20 Leather, Claude Gosney”, I purchased a rig built by a Champion Fast Draw”. I have yet been able to establish the value. Without even knowing, trying to track down the vendor. Even though they & I didn’t see the significance of the piece! Yes, easy for me to walk away with the profit, I can’t/won’t. Even before establishing value, want to send vendor another $120, no don’t have to, but right thing to do!
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