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Title: Cimarron Bad Boy
Post by: Trooper Joe on December 15, 2020, 04:36:26 PM
Just received my 6" barrel sample of this gun.  It is really great with only a few issues.

I did find some issues with the adjusting screws  in the rear sight system.  They seemed to have no "detents" to keep them in place after adjusting.  This was especially true of the elevation screw.

I called Cimarron and they thought that there were no detents built into the sight adjustment screws.  They checked one they had in stock and advised to just adjust it with a screw driver and it would stay in place.

However, I found that mine could almost be turned by your finger nail and I felt that in no way would this stay in place.

So I took the sight off the gun and found that the elevation screw did have two spring loaded detent systems that seemed to be just gummed up.  I applied some thin oil around the screw (at this point it was still in place in the body of the sight) worked it back an forth, and now I have a noticeable slight detent when I turn the screw.  I am sure it will stay in place while shooting.

The windage adjustment just needed to be disassembled and cleaned.  I carefully reassembled it and it seems like it will work.

Also, I just discovered that this gun has the "retractable " firing pin system.  I am not overly enthused about this system and I think I already found that it could "catch" in one position or the other.  If it gives me any trouble after I start using this gun, I will replace this hammer "safety" system with an original style hammer.

I did find a rub mark on the barrel flats about 1/2" from the frame.  The mark appears on all the flats at the same location.  The dealer thinks this is some manufacturing blemish.  It is not a deal breaker for me and I plan on keeping the gun.  The 6" model seems very hard to obtain at this time.

Over all, I am pleased with this gun and am looking forward to some range time.  Will be a few 44 Mag rounds but will mostly be shooting 44 Special.

Any comments or comments on this gun would be appreciated.


Trooper Joe
Title: Re: Cimarron Bad Boy
Post by: Tbone13 on January 02, 2021, 12:57:58 AM
Hey TrooperJoe, I bought the same gun last summer.
There were only two 6"ers in the country when I finally found the one I bought.

What I like about it-
The octagonal barrel is snazzy. The bluing is so dark it looks black, mine has no booboos on it. The sights are modern target jobs. The lockup is absolutely solid, no slop I can detect.  Timing is excellent. The bolt is held away from the cylinder and after 140 rounds there is no sign of scratching. <This is a biggee for me, I always notice those scratches. The action feels a bit heavy but it is really smooth. I think it shoots well, prints decent groups but I'm old and the eyes aren't what they should be so my shooting is not good.  The trigger is very good, almost too light. The cylinder click stops right where you need it to, the ejector, gate and chambers all lined up.
Where it needs improvement- Like you, I noticed the rear sight el adjustment is too easy to move, and so far it still shoots a little high even when the sight is cranked down flat so I hold for it. It shoots to the left a little but I think that's my fault, being out of practice. All my revolvers seem to shoot a tad left. ;)
The cylinder pin seems a little spindly for full house magnum loads.
It has the firing pin transfer bar in the hammer, which annoys some but I don't mind it since it may keep me from shooting my foot off some day.
The one piece grips seem fat toward the bottom from what I'm used to.

I tried some 225 grain Hornady factory .44 magnums and good grief that thing is snappish. It startled me and I shot 40 rounds trying to get used to it but only got tired.  I put some 180 grain Remingtons through it, same results.
Switching to .44 specials made it seem like a cadillac. Smooth, fun, consistent. At my age I think I'll either load some moderate .44 magnums myself or just shoot hot specials out of it.  It weighs 39 oz but acts like a much smaller gun.
Specials from now on.
Love that gun though.
Title: Re: Cimarron Bad Boy
Post by: Coffinmaker on January 30, 2021, 10:12:31 AM

 :)  Tbone13   ;)

NAH.  I have several guns chambered in 44 Special and am past president of Recoil Wimps Anonymous.  Ergo, I dumped off my 44 Mags.  No Funzies.  What was my point.  Oh yea, I remember.

Skip the 44 Specials and go with 44 Russian cases.  I also recommend 160Gr RNFP bullets.  Makes lots of FUN.  Oh, almost forgot.  I load up with APP.  Lotta Smoke!!

Stay Safe