Author Topic: Berry Benson, Confederate scout - uses a Spencer *** Photos Added ***  (Read 1310 times)

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I searched the archives and did not see this mentioned before and thought I'd share.  

I don't know if any of you have read Berry Benson's "Civil War Book, Memoirs of a Confederate Scout and Sharpshooter".  It's quite a facinating book on his life as a Confederate soldier.  He wrote the book 13 years after the war, based on his and his brother Blackwood's diarys.  In late March 1865, he states: "I had a Spencer rifle, given me by my brother, who had captured it in some battle.  It shot seven times without reloading and I only had 40 cartridges.  I stood on a stump where I had a clear, open view, and fired so fast that I had to stop to let my gun cool."   A few pages later he mentions having to throw away the Spencer for lack of ammunition and pick up an Enfield.

It makes me wonder at what battle did his brother Blackwood captured the rifle and ammunition.  They must have caught the Federal unit by complete surprise.  This was during the Petersburg campaign and surprise raids on enemy trenches occurred on occasion.

Two Photos of Berry Benson (Posted by Two Flints)

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Re: Berry Benson, Confederate scout - uses a Spencer *** Photos Added ***
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Thanks for posting this excerpt and info.  I'm a new SSS member and researching two likely captured Spencer Carbines, and it's informative to me to get the perspective of the rewarded Confederate to then only realize the gun become nearly worthless when the ammo runs out.  I'm also going to seek out the book for what appears to be a good read.


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