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What else do you shoot?

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Doc Shapiro:
I figure that most of us, if not all, shoot CAS once in a while.  What else do you shoot? 

Me, I shoot an occasional IPSC match, Steel Challenge once a month, and now Western 3 Gun.  I've also dabbled in Sillywets.

I shoot Steel Challenge with my Rugers.  It sure is a test of skill!  It's done a world of good for my pistol shooting.


Prof. Bullspit:
CAS is the only thing I've ever shot competitively. All the rest of my shooting experience has been plinking, or hunting. I came to CAS with good accuracy skills, getting myself to shoot fast (for me) has taken some work and getting used to.

I guess you could say you are cross training and that is often a good thing.

Doc Shapiro:
It sure helps keep you from getting bored, and also forces you to improve your shooting skills.  Try some of the other games.

If you only have SA Revolvers, try steel challenge.  They have a category for it.


El Peludo:
I shoot a lot of bull!  'Course, you'all have already figger'd that out.  ;D

Seriously, I don't even shoot CAS, anymore, at least, not for the last few years; only two matches in that time, and the one major one I did shoot took me a week to recover from.  I've made a couple of sashays in the direction of high power rifle, and took a look at that action pistol game sort of like CAS except the folks dressed in cammo/mil, and used semi's and walked all over their ejected mags, and were too intense, and went way too fast for my tastes - it sort of bothered me.  Other than that, just plinkin' and huntin'.

Prof. Bullspit:
I shot with a friend a few times in Illinois and his range did a weekly bowling pin shoot. That was fun.

As for shooting other disciplines, I don't even know where a club is in my area. Then there is also the time factor.

If you could only shoot one game Doc, what would it be?



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