Author Topic: New month, no lie, it's July  (Read 14579 times)

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Re: New month, no lie, it's July
« Reply #160 on: July 31, 2021, 03:09:04 PM »
Niece, step daughter and her latest what ever are helping clean.  Mentioned if Rita is having a nurse come in we need to do a deep cleaning, Sarah the Niece has been moving furniture and doing that routine.   Still dealing with the Bronc, they tell me is combo of smoke and humidity.   :-\

Sucks having to have help, but maybe the big stuff done I can keep it up, Rita will be more useful soon. 8)  Sounds terrible to say it but she has got to the point of not being that useful. ;D  At least for keeping the house clean. ;)

Found a million dog and cat toys and 2 million used chap sticks. :P
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