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Round nosed bullets in a tubular magazine?

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Gabriel Law:
Round nose bullets in a tubular magazine:  can a person get away with it, or is there likely to be a detonation?

"Likely" is a relative term.  I would say not "likely" but certainly possible.  I have read numerous first-hand accounts of magazine detonations from using round nose ammo.

Gabriel Law:
Thanks...was likely just looking for confirmation.  Safety is important to me, so I'll stick to RNFP bullets in my rifle.  thanks.



 :) Gabriel  ;)

Just to "Pile On" to Abilene's post, I have actually seen the results of  two magazine detonations.  It twern't pretty.  And I do agree with Abilene.  A magazine detonation may not be "highly" likely, they certainly happen.  Round Nose in a tubular magazine be a "No No" fer sure.

Gabriel Law:
I took out a single bullet set it on the tail of my machinist's vise, and gave it a tap with a ball peen hammer.  That created a flat about the same size as a primer.  Would that make using these bullets OK?


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