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.38 S&W Victory Model loads (160 SWC Hollow Points)


cpt dan blodgett:
Having acquired S&W victory model in .38 S&W am toying with the idea of loading 160 grain semi wad cutter Hollow Points a bit stouter than what a webley or police positive can safely digest but not going into .38 Spec Plus P territory.  Ordered the 160 grainers from GT Bullets.  Good news and bad news.  Bad news when I ordered on the 5th of May they were shipping february orders.  Good news according to the latest up day I am 6 or 7 weeks out from getting the bullets.  Even better news is once I get them in 7 or 8 weeks giving shipping time the weather may have cooled enough to make a trip to the range for testing bearable.  Central AZ summers suck.

Anybody else out there loading for the S&W Victory or Model 10 in .38 S&W.

Major 2:
Not what you asked exactly, but might be of interest  :-\

I have used the 150 grain SWC ( Lyman 358477)  with both Trailboss & Titegroup in my 1946 S&W post war S prefix. ( aka pre Mod. 10 )
I didn't cast my own though.
A good friend (now passed) would cast these and I still have a good supply.

I use the same load in my Commando 

cpt dan blodgett:
GT Bullets now working on 1-6 April orders hmmm my 5 May order may get worked on in 4 weeks  will keep you all posted on how they work when I get them.


So I have some 38-200 factory loaded ammunition. It won't chamber in my Enfield revolver. WTF?


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