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44-40 out of rifle and pistol


One of my goals is to find a .44-40 load that it accurate in both rifle and pistol. I'm not sure how possible it will be.

The load is about 32.5 grains of Goex 3F, which in my setup touches the base of the bullet with a modest amount of compression. Mav Dutchman 200 grain lead bullet lubed with lamb tallow and beeswax, sized to .429". Crimped with the Redding Profile Crimp Die. CCI Large Pistol primer.

The revolver is a Uberti Flattop Target .44-40 with six shots fired from a sandbag at 15 yards. The group is about 2 1/2" but I think it could be a lot tighter if I hold my sight picture better.

The rifle is a Winchester-Miroku Deluxe Sporting Rifle .44-40 and three shots fired off a sandbag at 25 yards. The group is less than and inch center to center.

The 15 to 25 yard distances are just the beginning. Next I hope to take the pistol out to 25 and the rifle to 50 yards. Eventually taking the pistol to 50 and the rifle to 100.

Bryan Austin:
Great report, thanks for sharing!!!

I think the best rifle/revolver combo load for accuracy and power, is black powder!

Looks like a great load. I wouldn't change a thing. I have one of those revolvers too and it is also quite accurate.


cpt dan blodgett:
Pistol is shooting minute of heart and certainly would not want to be down range of the rifle.  Further tweaking might prove interesting but not any real improvement.  Have fun


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