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New Winchester 1873 S/R Carbine


Buckaroo Lou:
I don’t shoot competition, but when I saw this rifle, I hoped to one day have one. The 1873 Winchester is the most iconic of the old west rifles in my humble opinion. This one is the new Winchester 1873 Competition High Grade in .45 Colt caliber. Would have rather it been 44-40 but it only comes in .357 mag. and 45 Colt.

That's a beauty. Here's mine, a Deluxe Sporting Rifle in .44-40. I like it with the long barrel and the Marbles peep but I would still love to get one with the carbine style butt and keep it factory sights.

Both of those are really nice Winchesters, I got mine in .357 Magnum to go with my Vaquero.


Dave T:
I  have a rather plain-Jane one with blue finish all over, and a plain wood stock.  Fortunately it is chambered for the 44 WCF cartridge. 


PS:  Still can't do pictures here or I'd show it to ya.


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