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Good CAS Load for 44 Special

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Just started with getting serious about the sport.
 Wanted a good CAS load using 200 gr lead bullet .429
What is good load?


5 grains of Red Dot.  Red Dot is my go to CAS powder.


 :)  You Betcha  ;)

Start off with 14 - 15Gr by weight, 3f APP, then top off the case with Cream-0-Wheat to the base of the bullet.  No compression.

Little more sizzle, just fill the case to the Bullet base with 3f APP.

My own load is a 165Gr RNFP, APP to the bullet base.  I also use the exact same loading for 44 Russian cases, same bullet

Let Us Play Safe Out There


3.5gr Clays with 200gr RNFP.  Hodgdon's minimum.  Clays is hard to find now but Clay-Dot is available.

I shot those for a while but have switched to a 180gr RNFP with Trailboss for pistol loads.

Thanks to all for the quick responses to my inquiry



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