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 :'(  GIMMIE A BREAK !!  :'(

Ok, ok.  First week of the month, my teenaged Dillon 650 up and died.  Now, just today, went to process the cartridges from Saturday's match.  No dice.  Nada.

Today, my 19 Year Old DV500 Vibratory Case Cleaner bit the dust.  KAPUT!!  Just sits there and "chugs."  Now, it is well and truly amortized after processing close to a Half Million cases, but them things ain't as reasonable as they use to be.  Dillion is shipping me a new CV750 (new designation) redesigned, for some remuneration of course.  But DANG!!!

Dillon also informed, I can get my dead 650 brought back to life for around 120 Bucks.  Pack it up and send it off this winter. (Mumble, Grumble, sniffle, sniffle)


You aren't having the best of luck with Dillon lately!  Well, you is just spoiled (like most of us, hehe).  You could sit around the campfire with original period tools loading up your ammo and save all that money.  Of course, you wouldn't have time to do anything else.  :)

I was gifted a DV-500 (I think?) tumbler 20 years ago when the owner passed.  It died 10 years ago and no warranty from the Big Blue on electrical items.  So back to my older smaller Lyman, but it still works!  The 550  press I bought a year or two ago is from the 2nd year production and is pretty rickety but still works.  I'd like to send it in, though.

Dave T:
Been my experience there isn't much worth doing in this life that's cheep.  Every hobby I've ever had, and there's been quite a few of them, was costly to the point of some pain.

With archery there was always a new bow to try and I always needed more arrows.  Photography required all kinds of different lenses to get even better pictures.  Practical pistol competition meant custom built 1911s and always more ammo.  I actually wore out a STAR Universal.  Could have been re-built but the company was long out of business.  That's when Dillon came into my loading room.  Black powder cartridge shooting is another passion that just flat costs money.

I think it's called life and I thank God I've been blessed to live in a country where I have the freedom to pursue these kinds of things.  The trials just make me stronger.




 :)  PLUS ONE for Dave T   ;)

Anna Partridge inna Pear Tree you betcha.  Burma Shave


 :) Mumble Grumble  ;)

And not too long after I ordered my Brandy Knew Vibrator, a Shooting friend called to say he had a lightly used Dillon 500 just sitting around.  For Cheap.  Oh Well.

People are Still Contagious.  Avoid 'Em


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