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cpt dan blodgett:
Anyone out there loading equivalent to the Brit 38/200 load.  Have A2, A5, Red Dot and Unique available.

Baltimore Ed:
I loaded some up in 2019 using 3.3 gr of Clays and a 125 gr rnfp for a Police Positive and a S&W Victory. Not sure how that compares with the British load.

St. George:
I load it for a 200gr round - duplicating the issue load - using it, the Enfield/Webley/S&W British-issue revolvers shoot to point of aim.

Scouts Out!


Great read:

FWIW I run an Accurate 36-190t over 3 grains of Unique, in a Webley MK IV.  Does a dandy job on armydillers.

Johnson Barr:
Matt's Bullets casts 200gr. bullets for the .38/200 loads.


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