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I'd like to add a note regarding the short arbor length on the Uberti OT's and conversions.  Adding length to the arbor is one of the "must do" items according to some people.   Folks who regularly read the STORM pages here are familiar with an alternate fix for arbor length that, while it should be considered temporary, is very easy to do.  Coffinmaker is the first to suggest this that I know of.  It is dropping a stainless #10 split washer down the arbor hole in the barrel, which takes up the extra space.  If that is too big (and it is on some of mine) and the barrel won't completely seat to the frame, use a smaller washer, split or otherwise.  One of my newer conversions is so tight I can't fit any washer in there (that is good!), and in another I had a bag of smaller split washers that said " #24 " on it, and one of those is just right for this gun.  Yet another gun is using a very small flat washer.  Experiment if necessary.  You have to be careful taking the barrel off because the washer might fall out (hence the "temporariness" of the fix).  Some have mentioned putting some grease in the bottom of the hole so the washer stays put.  I shot some of my conversions for years before doing this simple fix and the wedges were getting loose, but dropping the washer in tightened them right up.

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