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Show your Boot & Belly GUNS -- Formally "1860 hideout/boot saloon gun"

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Queasy Dillo:

I have high jacked this thread and made it a sticky to showcase your BELLY GUNS .... with do respect to  Queasy Dillo

BTW "if you posted your photo, from Photo Bucket and they pimped your photo for ransom...and replaced with the big ugly
notice to pay for hosting your photo's ...KNOW this , I will delete PHOTO BUCKETS big gray blotch, nothing personal about your post or cool belly gun...I just dislike Photo bucket pimping and high jacking the photo's ......  

This is possibly my longest-running project in the time I've been at school.  No particular prototype, though it does follow the lines of surplus Colts cut down to belly guns in the waning years of the 19th Century.  

The base gun is a 1860 Army model with what may be the smoothest single-action I've yet to encounter on an Italian copy.  The barrel has been cut back about as far as I care to go, and because I need an excuse to buy more guns chamber in .45 Colt, I got one of the more convoluted (but cooler-looking, I think) R&D drop-in cylinders.  The frame comes from a Cimarron Thunderer and, though not as easy a fit as some other parts, went together with the frame well enough.  

I can't remember if I've posted pictures before, but I made the grips by hand from scrapwood out of the shop...the colors really don't show up as well as I'd hoped in these pictures.  Viewed up close the grain is magnificent.  

There is no front sight, nor will there likely ever be.  As I figure this one's probably limited in utility to shooting minute-of-cardsharp at ranges of barroom or less.  Presumably, it can also be used for generating large fireballs when shooting after dark.

I have plans to do similar to an 1851 at some point, though I'd like to try one of the Kirst gated cylinders on that project.  But - another gun, another time.  

Still not that great a picture, but...grips.

Nice job on the grips!  I've used Thunderer grips on '51 conversions and like the look.

Queasy Dillo:
Most people haven't been sure what to make of birdsheads at first brush.  They're either cool or ugly, depending, but once they pick up a gun so outfitted they tend to change opinions.   ;D


That is a really cool gun.  ;D

Didn't Work.  Oh well.

I've built 6 "sets" of guns with 3" or 3 1/4" barrels.  With sights.  Shoot em in CAS Gunfighter.  Some with Cartridge Cylinders, some straight Cap Guns.  Super FUN!!


There you go Mike .... here are 2 of your Beauties  :) M2


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