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OFFICIAL 1851 thread (post pictures here)

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Hoof Hearted:
I have thought about doing this for a while.
Over on "The High Road" there are OFFICIAL threads for the different models so I am going to do the same thing here.
Many of us like to show off our pistols and this will give us a place to do so w/o "hijacking" our pards threads ;)

Rules are simple with "no axe grinding" taking precedence, followed by "stick to the topic" (no other models posted, please), then if you are seeking gunsmith advice, or reloading opinions, or grip refinishing, antiquing advice or whatever, please search for like posts and/or start one of your own.........

Thanks, HH

Hoof Hearted:
Here's an 1851 Conversion I built for Dave Carrico a few years back.....

That is an R&D conversion and a Kirst ejector ;)


Nice gun Hoof. Now it's my turn to post pictures of the two I am proud to own. The 7 inch barrel one is not in my possession yet. It's an Uberti in .38 Special.  I am getting it for Christmas from the misses.  She paid for some of it and I covered the rest. She's my santa claus.  ;D

The 5.5 inch barrel one is one I found at a gun show and just had to have it. It's an ASM and in really beautiful shape. It is marked as being .38 Colt, but I've been told that it can handle the .38 Special cowboy loads. The grips on it are what first caught my eye. I wish I could find another set of those grips to fit my longer barreled one (when I finally have it in my hands). But I doubt that many cowboys ever had a set of guns that were totally matched like that so maybe I'll just keep them as they are.

Anyway, enjoy. And thanks for starting these threads. I hope others post their gun porn on here. I just love looking at beautiful guns.  ;)


Hoof Hearted:
I just sold an ASM exactly like your 5 &1/2 incher..........
Same grips too :-\
I have a feeling that they might have been proprietary.

Nice pair tho :o


Dang. LOL. Would love to have bought that off of you. I bought this one for $300.00. I figured I was getting a good deal on it.

Sounds like you're right about the grips. They must have been a factory order option. Probably couldn't find any that aren't mounted on one of these models. And if I did I doubt they would fit an Uberti since most ASM parts don't play well with other brands.


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