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HRA H011 Henry Review

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Thanks for a great review. I have a Navy Arms (Ridgfield NJ) Uberti Henry and love it. My son picked up a Uberti iron frame a couple of years back. Nice guns. I'll be keeping an eye out for the new Henry Henry.

 I am shooting 200 grain .427 cast bullets in mine. Have you slugged the barrel on yours, or do you feel it is even necessary to do so?

Major 2:
I haven't cast any lead in years...I used to cast for my Sharps.

I'm inside 1 3/4 " at 100 yards , I don't think I could do any better... so I haven't slugged.

I think the 200 grain Magtech is OK for WAS,  but reaching out there I found the heavier Win. 225 is the better choice...

Major 2:
I'm coming up on the 1 year mark , having picked up my H011 at my FFL.... :)

Frankly, I have not shot it or any long gun since mid-July due to a torn Rotator cuff  >:(
and I have missed it  :( 

I'm often asked , is it worth the MSRP... well I can't fairly answer as I paid no where near MSRP
That is best answered by the person and his wallet....

Am I glad to have one ?....  absolutely
Glad it's American made ?....absolutely, fine product
just as glad to have my Uberti's too ( did not pay MSRP for those either )

Proud owner of both manufacturer's  ;D

Cliff Fendley:
I asked and got a reply back from Jeff at Henry Repeating Arms and he said that the rate of twist is 1-36.



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