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Why is this period so completely ignored?

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TwoWalks Baldridge:

--- Quote from: Caleb Hobbs on August 09, 2011, 09:58:21 PM ---It sounds like the consensus is for an 1865 cut off date, which works for me -- 1840 to 1865. I emailed Marshal Halloway last week about our own forum for the Plainsmen period, and he replied that he was out of town, but that it was a possibility. I'll write him again tonight and see what he thinks. I like your thoughts on accuracy over speed, TwoWalks, and JimBob, ain't no reason we can't find a way to include a settler.

--- End quote ---

 ;D the "The American Plainsmen Society" is in the process of being added. 

The dates 1840 - 1865 begins where the fur trade groups end and ends where GAF begins.  I feel that covers the percussion period and the plainsman hay day very well.  I like where this is headed, thanks for the insight and work Caleb.

Caleb Hobbs:
Thanks to the many of you who posted your ideas and suggestions here, The American Plainsmen Society is now a reality with its own CasCity home. Check it out, and let's see where this trail leads us.

Thanks also to St. George and Silver Creek Slim for the space in the Historical Society forum to get this new board started.


Here in Kansas, we have a diversity of living history. As mentioned elsewhere Fort Scott provides Mexican War era, as well
as Civil War era encampments. The opening of the Kansas Territory has many annual and bi annual KT battle reenactments held
on or near the actual battlefields. But the participants are limited to specific CW reenactment groups whom do a very good  job
with the civilian impressions. Live fire shooters they are not.

So far what we have is SASS, NCOWS, and mountain man rendevious. What we also need are specific Plainsmen events
that include 1840 thru 1869 for a variety of Plains rifles, handguns and fowlers. I think between KTMA, KMA, and NCOWS
we could have more plainsmen events. Defining what those events could be would be fun.

Caleb Hobbs:
I agree, and I'd like to see some of these events take place in Kansas. Right now we're talking about getting together at one event a year, at least until we grow a little larger. Like GAFs annual Muster. It's coming.


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