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Why is this period so completely ignored?

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This was the period of the Califonio, Randheros, and an almost feudal system in California History.

Most history books would rather sweep this period off the books  ... they go  from Richard Henry Dana to Fremont almost in the same paragraph ... Feom Sutter to Statehood with little mention of the 'Anit-Greaser Laws' (later remnamed) or the outright prejudice displayed by both sides.

As a reenactor who occasiionally plays a Californio, I am constantly amazed at how little is known about the time period we are speaking of ....

Shotgun Franklin:
'Back Woodsman' magazine is kinda gear toward that time period. I know they have many ads about guns, gear and clothing fr that era. They have Rendezvous but I don't know where or how often?

I think one reason this period is ignored to an extent is many of the signal events were confined to one group or one region and don't lend themselves to large scale re-enactment groups nationwide.However on the living history side I think if you look around you will find many state and local based groups bringing the period to life in local and State Park locations.Sometimes they're a little hard to ferret out but they are out there.

This is also the era of the mass migrations from Ireland in the potate famine, plus the start of gangs in the large cities back east.

As For the Gold Rush, it is still alive at:

Sutter's Fort


Old Sacramento





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