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Why is this period so completely ignored?

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Oregon Bill:
I have posted this in a couple of spots in hopes of drumming up some thought and discussion. What do y'all think here?

I find it really odd that the fertile historical period from about 1840 to 1860 is virtually ignored in the re-enacting/living history community. Pre-1840 you have the fur trade/mountain man camp; post-1860 you have the Civil War re-enactors followed by all the cowboy action shooters taking things up to about 1900.
But the 1840-60 period lies virtually fallow. This is the period that nursed Sam Colt's revolvers to perfection. This is the period in which Texas struggled with nationhood and Comanches. This is the period that inaugurated the great migration west across the Plains along the Oregon Trail. This is the period of the Gold Rush. This is the period when Jayhawkers, pro-slavers and John Brown spread terror on the Kansas/Missouri border. And almost no one re-enacts it. At least there are no mainline organizations that do that I know of.
Don't y'all find it ironic?

Medicine Bear Charley:
While I have never thought about it like that, I suppose you are right. As far as Texas they do have groups that cover this period, dealing with Texas Independence. Some fairly large groups heavily researched. You may check with them, as far as the others I think they tend to fall in with other periods or it's left to living historians at the sites.

Great point it was also the time of the Morons and Utah with Brigham Young. I know that the first saga of the Lonesome Dove series also was into this period with Dead Man's Walk and later Comanche Moon. I have the whole series and still enjoy seeing them from time to time. All of these are pretty much period correct also at least as far as I can tell with my limited knowledge of the guns, clothes etc.

Major 2:
I tend to agree.... Course there is the TEX/Mex era and the Repiblic Of Texas which is reenacted
( not pehaps to the Degree as Texas Indpendence Alamo, Goliad & San Jacinto)
Then there is the Gold Rush era in Calif.
Illinois supports the early Lincoln history, and at Nauvoo Mormon living history.

Shotgun Franklin:
Try here;


As mentioned this outfit mostly deals with 1835 'til about 1840.
Off hand I don't know of a group doing the Mexican-American War stuff but
the above group might or might know.



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